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Big talk east station
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    Big talk east the station is located in Hainan to visit region of government office of sea of big talk city 148, phone 0898-65340753.

    1, stations of 4 road, 11 course of road, 44 41 road, fair cars, consult please in detail " big talk is public transportation course " .

    East branch of annulus passenger transport time table of sea steam express

    Starting station Terminus Send car time Course of development Remarks Big talk car east the station installs surely 6: 30–22: 00 every 15 minutes 48 kilometers Big talk car east the regular bus that of station Wen Chang sends each villages and towns of city of past Wen Chang Big talk car east hair of each villages and towns goes to station big talk in each villages and towns of big talk city cling to regular bus, make an appointment with 10~20 cent is planted

    Sweet clew: Take in this those who send each villages and towns of city of past big talk is medium cling to regular bus, can arriveEast mangrove of stockaded village harbor, Crater park, Hainan tropics is wild vivid arboretumWait for a tourist attraction. Each stations often have Hainan the coach ticket that a few “ pull guest young ” to hawk black ticket to nod, save border passenger car especially. Often have with incident of violent harm passenger false happen, ban repeatedly more than. Intense proposal goes the hall of carry out ticket inside the station buys a ticket, it is cheap that temporarily convenience mixes covet of ten million back.