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Passenger transport of big talk haven
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Big talk city shares haven of two passenger transport, it is big talk new harbor and big talk harbor respectively.

Big talk new harbor is Guangdong province invested 1976 in big talk door (the harbor inside original big talk is in into the sea) of build. Be located at the seaside highway century with advantage of traffic of big talk city, pretty scenery by big bridge, it is Hainan the port with the largest flow of waterborne passenger transport, Che Du is mixed of a groceries and container transport assemble and unassemble one of harbor. The " of " green passageway that for Hainan province government nods surely is important port.

Big talk harbor, yuan Mingxiu flower harbor. Big talk harbor is given priority to with international and passenger transport of domestic accident road, in last few years inside container of give attention to two or morethings and commodity car are special boil ship be defeated. The line that already opened now basically has: Zhan Jiang, the North sea, sea is installed, the passenger line such as Shekou more than 10, leave for the mainland to reach passenger liner of area of Hong Kong and other places to amount to many 40 littoral everyday. Big talk port area is current the main body harbor of harbor of big talk city is public port area, all the time since, big talk port area is formed in the port's cargo throughput of harbor of city of whole big talk in the share that owns 50% above. This harbor basically manages a large amount of coming loose settle or live in a strange place of groceries, container, car boils ship be defeated.