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Big talk is beautiful orchid International Airport bus
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    Big talk beauty orchid line of International Airport bus

    Classics of of time-interval of time of class of first time end stops start terminus 5:3 of airport of guesthouse of civil aviaton of dot big talk0 21:0Boat of every half hours of a sea develops 0 edifice, Chang Maohua garden (the road austral Long Kun) , big wine shop of Jin Lin garden, Long Feng. Guesthouse of civil aviaton of airport big talk should have an airliner to descend only, have wind of airliner car dragon big wine shop, east station (road of sea government office) , province government (theater fining jade) .

    The model has an entrance to take an examination of this especially medium cling to car of car, bus of luxurious Jin Long;
    Airport of United States orchid is apart from about 26 kilometers to big talk downtown, car travel makes an appointment with 35 minutes, fare 15 yuan / person;
    The plane that takes like place belongs to southern aviation criterion but free, the place that take a car is at the door civil aviaton guesthouse of Hai Xiulu;
    If hold Hainan to save the airline ticket of airline, can former inside the urban district old airport awaits machine building to take car of sea boat bus freely.

    Bus line
    Have inside city 21 arrive directly at airport of United States orchid with two 41 buses, fare is in 5 yuan / person. But near the doorway that reachs the airport only, had better enquire when getting on a car below where the driver is the most convenient. Ask reference in detail" big talk is public transportation course ".