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Big talk new harbor
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Big talk new harbor is Guangdong province invested 1976 in big talk door (the harbor inside original big talk is in into the sea) of build. Be located at the seaside highway century with advantage of traffic of big talk city, pretty scenery by big bridge, it is Hainan the port with the largest flow of waterborne passenger transport, Che Du is mixed of a groceries and container transport assemble and unassemble one of harbor. The " of " green passageway that for Hainan province government nods surely is important port.

Overall length of water front of dock of big talk new harbor 1144 meters, berth of exercise of mutual and of all kinds shipping 24. Among them car ferry berth 15, but at the same time 8 shipping undertake berth exercise, berth gradient design is reasonable, field of dock forward position is broad and level, suit all sorts of burden car very much, especially big special model the outfit of car ship-discharging operation.

Groceries and container annulus course can amount to Hong Kong, Macao, home to reach line of inland river mainstay littoral each harbor. The door that begins recently lasts to container of door cold storage carrying trade Wu, safe, convenient, fast clean, cost is low, it is the ideal option that Hainan melon dish carries.

New harbor dock(airliner of passenger liner giving an island) sea of — of big talk of price of reference of area time grade installs 07:30—18: 00 (lie between 1:30 hair everyday 9 class) 31.5 yuan / the North sea of — of person big talk falls everyday midday 18: First class of 00
Tourist class
4 wait for cabin 211 yuan / person
116 yuan / person
106 yuan / person
81 Yuan / midday of every the world of Guangzhou of — of person big talk 15: First class of 30
Tourist class
4 wait for cabin 450 yuan / person
280 yuan / person
230 yuan / person
180 yuan / Shenzhen of — of person big talk falls everyday midday 16: Tourist class of 00
Steerage 280 yuan / person
108 yuan / Zhan Jiang of — of person big talk everyday in the evening 21: Tourist class of 30
Steerage 123 yuan / person
93 Yuan / address of passenger station of new harbor of person big talk: Crossover of seaside highway new harbor goes to north 500 meters of phones: 0898-66210596

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