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Show flower ancient fort
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Side of north of the road in be located in show of sea of big talk city is beautiful flower village. It is the martial establishment with Hainan great ancient time, also be Chinese mordern history go up existent one of establishment of archaic military affairs with most complete, baronial dimensions, with fort of Guangdong tiger door, Shanghai the big buy fort of Wu Song fort, Tianjin calls Chinese ancient time 4 cannon stage.

Show flower fort is Hainan people not Wei is brutal, resist the historical testimony of foreign enemy.

Whole fort area covers an area of about 10 thousand square metre, the thing on the coastal hill grave that grows in 200 meters is linear and build. Set " town east " , " Gongbei " , " calm on the west " 3 cannon stage and " Zhen Wu " , " Zhen Wei " two small fort, from Dong Xiangxi one word is arranged, long cross 240 meters, porthole day north, be faced with the sea, channel of remote control city fining jade, jovian.
Fort interior uses structure of bright stage darkroom, use red Mao Tu entirely (modern cement) build with bluestone. Every fort all sets direct room, hide hole, ammunition depot, send play hole, arms roof ministry sets airiness aperture, 5 fort tunnel is interlinked. The gram that there is line of action of caliber of 3 when buy from Germany 24 centimeters, two 15 centimeters inside sunken form blindage captive uncle cannon, use blossom iron egg.
The south still has some drills field and barracks, by fastness of guard of battalion of division of big talk water, ginseng general Chen Liangjie ever held the post of allow director.
Historical knowledge:
Smooth mood 13 years (1887) , french aggressor considers exclusive Hainan island, hai Zhiqiong of make one's rounds of hole of Zhang Zhi of two wide governors, give orders to build show flower fort. Last a period of time of build of show flower fort 4 years long, cost silver 20 beyond, the cubic meter of earth that dig carry 50 thousand stere, it is Hainan island the first fort.
The show on the history flower fort once had howled twice.
It is smooth mood seventeen years for the first time (1891) when complete of show flower fort, zhang Zhi hole again Lin Qiongzhou, watch try big gun, show flower fort gave out the high and level tone of shock big powers to howl.
It is war of resistance against aggression the 2nd during. In September 1938, city of big talk of bomb of Japanese army plane, government office, try in vain embezzlement Hainan. Kuomintang is stationed in defending troops fining jade to guard against to strengthen, label show flower fort principal defence facilities. In Feburary 1939, japanese army warship is in fine jade continent channel cruise, the cliff fining jade that defends show flower fort garrison commander Wang Yi gives orders to firing to be warned in order to show. On Feburary 10, 1939, when Kuomintang army withdraws, the artillerist of show flower village uses the battery that clear minor details builds, bandit of day of crackdown come to attack us, start shooting Hainan people fights day of the first artillery piece.
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