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Geological park of Lei Qiong world
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Chinese thunder big talk fining jade is volcanic group of world geological parks, it is volcano of our country's only urban seaside tropics, also be Hainan province area of scene of travel of the first world-class. The Quaternary Period that fair garden pledges vestigial main body is formed for 40 volcano is volcanic group.

Volcano of ancient north fining jade erupts, the most complete volcano is saved on the world below bequeath here group, be like a natural volcanic and geological museum- - stone hill crater.

Volcanic group be located in big talk city Ou Shishan presses down show flower, the city that spur seat of government makes an appointment with 15 kilometers. By 40 volcano is formed, gross area 108 square kilometer. Volcanic type is all ready, diversiform, covered the of all kinds volcano that Xuan Wu pledges volcano erupts almost, have the drossy awl that magma erupts and becomes, lava awl, mixture awl already, have the volcano of Ma earring made of jade or pearl that magma and groundwater interaction form again. Volcanic qualitative landscape is very rich, coulee -- bear case lava, be like rope shape, screwy shape, coral shape, surprise without asymmetry, acclaim as the peak of perfection making a person. Lava channel has many 30, the longest go to more than meters 2000, its interior configuration and sight are rich, marvelous, for domestic and international place infrequent.
Garden area is in volcanic awl, crater returns growth on mesa of Ji Xuanwu cliff the zoology community that selva is a delegate, the plant has 1200 a variety of, orchard and volcanic landscape be in harmony are an organic whole, for the crackajack delegate of zoology of tropical city volcano. Store inside garden area up to now came 100000 tower of the ancient dorp that people uses basaltic place to build, Shi Wu, stone and appliance of all sorts of production, life, account the volcanic culture sequence of thought of person and Shi Xiangban, of culture of volcano of the China that be called classical.
Main tourist attraction has hole of saddle mountain, Shuang Chiling, celestial being, Luo Jing dish etc.
Saddle mountain crater
Saddle mountain crater calls crater the park again, saddle of its be similar in shape, it is one of the most complete extinct volcano mouths on the world. By 4 volcanic composition, blow hole of mountain of furnace of Na Zhui wind, blow hole of mountain of boreal awl steamed stuffed bun and by side two parasitism small volcano, they are just as one cross-eye eyeball and call an eye mountain, be known as volcanic emperor baby. Form perfect brand-new world dormancy volcano is familial.
Its all around distributinging move size unplugs many times 30 the ground and the Gu mountain that have, it is volcano erupts formation crater or volcanic caboodle. The motion of magma of the underground when volcano erupts makes here left cave of freely stagger underground group, have celestial being hole, lie dragon hole. Still build on mountain have " Guan Haiting " , be expected to see channel of city fining jade and crater, and can full see beautiful scenery of garden of litchi of a hunderd li.
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