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Tropical forest reads extensively field
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Tropical forest reads extensively is tropics of Hainan of contain draw together field diversity of biology of protection of qualitative resource of rare plant species and scientific research of technology of biology of progenitive, intertropical forestry and development, tropical forest is revealed teach with zoology popular science, look around visit wait for muti_function intertropical seaside with recreational health care urban forest park.

Be located in be located in seaside of big talk city on the west on garden of road gold coast. By Hainan head office of forestry of province forestry bureau, province invests build, prepare to construct at the beginning of 2001.
4 indicate the gender builds:
It is gate and square. It is Hainan the biggest, steel that has contemporary breadth of spirit most wears structural building; 2 it is house of biology science and technology. Floor area 2335 ㎡. Rotunda, use tensioning modelling of content of flight of space of velar structure copy; 3 it is zoology museum floor area 2488.8 ㎡. Planar layout is included outdoor, half indoor, indoor 3 parts, cent advocate exhibition hall, animal exhibition hall, plant exhibition hall; 4 it is musical fountain. Cover an area of 2200 ㎡, include the dry land fountain of 210 ㎡, it is the musical fountain with the at present biggest Hainan.
10 plantation:
Peculiar tree plants Hainan banyan plantation, Hainan plantation, tropics, semi-tropical Mu Benshui fruit plantation (100 orchards) , agrestic and old tree plants orchid plantation, Hainan plantation (macrobian garden) , ceiba plantation, bamboo plantation, avian plantation and terrapin.
The assemble inside garden intertropical characteristic tree is planted 600 a variety of, it is precious rare tree is planted for the most part.
6 centers and a base:
Group of vegetable of Hainan province forestry earths up center, Hainan to save forestry seed to plant seedling quality detects examine plant diseases and insect pests of forest of center, Hainan province measures tropics of center of newspaper quarantine scientific research, Hainan silvan biology diversity reveals tropics of center, Hainan province of center of forestry international collaboration, Hainan is wild center of vivid plant rescue.
Orchid production base has orchid to amount to 200 a variety of, among them the An Relan of Hainan, ivory orchid occupy 70 a variety of. The flower here is planted basically use at gene to save explore to grind, in order to breed the intertropical orchid of a more character.
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