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5 fair ancestral temple
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Ancient building of 5 fair ancestral temple group only then build Yumingdaimo between calendar year (1573 ~ 1619) . Qing Guangxu 15 years (1889) repair again, after 5 fair ancestral temple for many times reparative, floor area 2800 more than square metre, ground close busy streets, particular quiet and beautiful, element has " wonderful scenery of stage fining jade " , " seaing sea is humanitarian " and " Hainan the first scenic spot " beautiful praise.

5 fair ancestral temple are built group only then be located in highway of government office of sea of big talk city 169, with border on of city of hill fining jade, be apart from downtown to make an appointment with 5 kilometers. With building of main body of 5 fair ancestral temple, include hall learning garden, 5 public essence of life to abandon, booth of pool of ancestral temple of Guan Jiatang, Su Gong, arch bridge, carry on one's shoulder, wind, garden fining jade, formed a group of gas to heat up grandiose and grand, grand ancient building community. It is to reveal Chinese ancient time to demote the cultural relic historic site of government-owned culture, Hainan history culture and the archaic building art that have Hainan distinguishing feature.
5 fair ancestral temple
Main body builds 5 fair ancestral temple to be two timberwork, the building is 9 meters tall, there is brim corridor all round, but without dougong, it is the building with the earliest Hainan, friend calls Hainan first floor.
5 fair ancestral temple are souvenir is demoted to come the Tang Song of Hainan island official of 5 histories name, namely Li De of Tang Dynasty prime minister in feudal China, li Gang of acting prime minister of abundant the Song Dynasty, Zhao Ding,
5 fair ancestral temple 5 fair stone carving are lifelike, be full of feeling. 2 fall on cent, quadrilateral the layer of assemble pointed type supports, element tile red rafter, with all around reflect of brilliant photograph of greenery numerous branch, appear all the more majestic and solemn and respectful. 2 buildings front, "Horizontal forehead of " of first floor enters Hainan awesomely eye; Downstair hall has the couplet of second mate win universal praise on column of principle columns of a hall: "The Tang Dynasty lament was not built, the Song Dynasty hates be content to retain sovereignty over a part of the country, heaven and earth outside Zhu Hai of buy of a few talents, before path agree virtuous, religion after promoting, learn, heaven and earth has healthy atmosphere to be in this building. " , still hide Ji of Zhao of Song Hui an administrative unit in Xizang to write " Gong Zhao of Qing Moshou of divine clouds jade " tablet, to studying Taoist school doctrine and thin Jin Tishu the law has fundamental referenced value.
Su Gong ancestral temple
Be located in 5 fair ancestral temple east side, it is Jin Suan formerly, bright 10 thousand last a period of time build ancestral temple here, call Su Gong ancestral temple. It is commemorative the Song Dynasty Su Shi of acting well-known poet, in the meantime, also esteem the little brother Su Zhe that offers sacrifices to him,
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