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Park of big talk people
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Park of big talk people is ancient say " British hill " . Area more than 400 mus, altitude is not worth 30 meters.
Have before park main entrance east, on the west 2 lakes, lakefront coco Lin Huan is circled, banyan willow verdure is about to drip. The lake is shown east elliptic, there is a lake heart island in the lake, the pavilion on the island is resplendent and magnificent, connect by 9 bridges garden door highway; The west lake submits form of short neck calabash, surface is broad.
Park since ancient times with hero and commemorative hero be closely bound up, there is Hainan to liberate Feng Baiju of commander of column of monumental, cliff fining jade's general inside statuary souvenir booth.
There still is a puppy garden inside garden, there is intertropical, semi-tropical animal inside 50 a variety of, the tropics that cultivating all sorts of divisions to belong to, semi-tropical ornamental plant 5000 a variety of. In addition still pleasure ground of hall of field of movie and TV, singing and dancing, small-sized field, children waits.
Relevant knowledge introduces:
Thing lake fokelore is 5 dragon " the be raised to the skies that vacate the cloud " , " lift billow to enter the sea " deep pool. On hill 3 villages, cent alias is tide of short of Wenshui River of great waves, wave, wave.
British hill still establishs according to legend have 4 temple. It is volt wave temple, it is commemorative Chinese the meritorious service that two Fu Bo's generals open county of buy fining jade and build; 2 for Guan Shengdi temple, general Guan Yun grows and build loyally to commemorate a the Three Kingdoms; 3 the Shuai Miao that it is a class, build to commemorate Ban Shuaihou of solid of class of the Eastern Han Dynasty; 4 why fair temple, build to commemorate why bright generation surnames a general.
Because British hill is big talk commanding elevation, arrived clear generation, sergeant defending the territory of one's country is here monarch field of practise traditional martial arts, the summit is built have hall of practise traditional martial arts, for the ground that officers and soldiers reviews fierce grooms. Last centuries 40 time, british hill is day bandit embezzlement, regard Japanese army ack-ack as base. After war of resistance against aggression wins, kuomintang is become again here 46 army artillerist fastness.


Be located in downtown British a way of escape.
Can multiply public transportation 2, 10, 15, 16 arrive.

Entrance ticket / open time:

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