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Hai Ruimu
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Hai Ruimu is to show our country the tourist attraction of cultural relic travel of art of culture of bright generation grave and tourist attraction. Protect an unit for provincial key cultural relic.

Hai Ruimu builds grave of primitive simplicity field, front door has mill of a monument, horizontal book " another name for Guangdong Province east healthy atmosphere " shade engraves Dan Gong big character, granite spreads the path leading to a grave that grows into many meters 100, both sides firm establishing the stone carving such as chelonian of lion of bharal, Shi Ma, stone, stone. There still is 3 stones memorial archway among path leading to a grave, majestic and solemn and respectful. Hai Ruimu is 3 meters tall, vaulted, sepulchral diameter 1. 6 rice, tall 2. 6 meters. There is 4 meters tall stone tablet before the grave. On monument quarter " bury of bright emperor imperial order thes capital of a country south doctor of endowment be apt to examine courtyard right Qian drive history gives prince to protect Shi less the grave with faithful interpose official of great capacity " 30 words. Tablet is 4 meters tall, wide 0. 8 rice, thick 10 centimeters, it is the original other people when the tomb is being built 400 years ago.
The extend after sea luck coffin chamber " Yang Lianxuan " , its well balanced two pairs of couplet that Hai Rui is written are hanged on column, have after a small room " cool breeze cabinet " , the career achievement that shows Hai Rui and display concerned cultural relic. Showroom of cultural relic of luck having the of great capacity still is built to offer person look with reverence inside garden.
Whole grave garden is grave of primitive simplicity, the coconut tree with verdant luxuriantly green, Song Bai, green bamboo makes cemetery the four seasons evergreen.
Hai Ruimu builds Yu Mingmo one by one seventeen years (the Christian era 1589) , allegedly the grave location of original make choice of is not here, just carry when sea luck coffin the cord when be in so far disconnects suddenly, bier fell the ground, people thinks this is Hai Rui is choosing burial ground for oneself, then its bury hereat.
Sea luck brief introduction:
Hai Rui (the Christian era 1514 - 1587) , word Ru Xian, date firm peak, person of Hainan big talk, the politician with bright famous generation, with upright and outspoken not A, qing Zhenglian bright celebrated at the world, by common people praise for " the sea as just judge " .
Father of funeral of sea luck from a child, in the mother teach below, established " read thing of book of sages and men of virtue, dry state " high aim. 36 years old lift countryside to try after be a successful candidate in the imperial examinations at the provincial level in the Ming and Qing dynasties, be called on by the Ministry of Official Personnel Affairs in feudal China select official, learn to teach instruct to the county is made the same score south Fujian first, preferment honest is installed after, promote a country to know a county. Jia Jing year go up to death fully " public security is scanty " gain and loss of denounce affairs of state, place of person of character the world not dare character, displease an emperor to be dismissed from office consequently put in prison, the get-off after Jia Jing is dead is rehabilitative. Ying Tianxun of the preferment between Long Qingnian is stroked, allow inside except advantages and disadvantages, whole official is treated, make the same score a miscarriage of justice, wear by 100 sexual love.
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