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Intertropical wild vivid arboretum
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Hainan tropics is wild vivid arboretum, call Dong Shanye vivid arboretum again, it is first large tropics of Chinese wild vivid arboretum, also be China exclusive of an islands selva move garden of plant grand sight. By tourist praise be Hainan " biology gene library " and " the natural museum that condensed Hainan island mainland to eat plant cream " .

The park is located in Hainan to visit big talk town Ou Dongshan presses down show flower. Be apart from big talk downtown to make an appointment with 27 kilometers. Read extensively with tropical wild vivid vegetation, popular science gives priority to a problem.
The vehicle basically is set inside garden area of travel beast of prey, view and admire area, lakefront to go vacationing on foot area, central service division, among them the animal views and admire an area to make an appointment with many mus 2000, assemble precious of world each district is rare wild animal 200 a variety of, the amount amounts to more than 4000 () .
Basically view and admire landscape to have: Animal of mainland of garden of culture of intertropical arboretum, balata, Hainan exhibits area, Asia garden of the biggest macaque of garden of the biggest lion, Asia, Asia's biggest lark garden. Existing plant 280 divisions, 1000 many breed, it is the selva landscape of domestic model.
In addition, garden is built-in bird art performs place, monkey art performs place, world of animal kindergarten, puppy.
Move, plant distributinging guideline:
Area of car travel beast of prey:
Basically deer of elephant of lion of giraffe, Africa, Asia, blackbear, camel, northeast tiger, sika, short horse, ostrich, blown away by wind waits.
View and admire an area on foot:
Basically lion tiger animal, macaque, hippo, crocodilian, gorilla, snake, lesser panda, baboon, golden monkey waits.
Lark garden:
Avian and main crane of peacock, straw rain cape, black swan, red -crowned crane, silver pheasant, white swan, an affectionate couple, egret waits.
Intertropical arboretum:
Basically have plant of danger of precious rare 瀕, be like Suo Luo, intertropical and precious plant, be like Long Xieshu, intertropical flowers, wait like plum of gold bird, triangle, intertropical fruiter, wait like mango, litchi, palmy division plant, wait like trigonometry coco, bottle coco; In balata culture garden, can know the development history of the balata culture of Hainan, view and admire rubber tapping technology.
Hainan mainland animal exhibits an area:
Basically have mountain of the five fingers deer of slope of pig of hill of white buffalo, Hainan, mice pig, Hainan, monitor, south the snake, additional, still have east chicken of prosperous of goat, article, add accumulate fowl and the cattle such as duck.

Stick into garden person:
1, be not to allow to carry colored flag and ensemble of such instruments with gongs and drums playing the main part inside garden, be afraid of alarm animal.
2, must not take provision oneself or other and sundry cast feed an animal, endanger animal health in case. Point of animal feed sale is set inside garden, and should be cast by designation area feed.
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