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10 thousand green garden
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10 thousand green garden are located in side of north of highway of seaside of big talk city fill sea area, gymnasium of big talk city is connected east, seaside highway is lain between south, north is right channel of city fining jade, it is big talk city is the biggest, of open sex, Jing Yuan of Lin Shifeng of intertropical seaside zoology.

Be located in the middle of highway of seaside of big talk city, gross area 1070 mus. Characteristic of assemble tropics seaside and characteristic of zoology scenery gardens, it is an organic whole with be in harmony of water of blue sky, green jade, modern tower.
Basically give priority to with communal greenbelt, divide 16 areas, namely gate area, square area, inside field of exercise of area of forest zone of area of lake area, children You Le, lawn area, bamboo, intertropical ornamental plant, golf, set division of forest of leader honoured guest, sociality respectively division of meeting organization forest and division of citizen individual forest.
Most exclamatory letting a person is prairie of 10 thousand green garden like capacious. On 1000 mus lawn stretch to the horizon. By the side of coastal road, have nearly 10 thousand intertropical tree that give priority to with coco more, dancing has dance, lush and green, present a view of gardens of one clique tropics. To big talk this " pocket " for provincial capital city, can of 10 thousand green garden calls gold treasure the ground.
Setting introduction:
10 thousand green garden are government of people of big talk city for afforest city, provide a beautiful modes of life and relation to their environment for broad citizen environment and rest place 1994 build. At that time, municipal government appeal, reaction of social all circles is strong, no matter business of strategics of workers and peasants is contribution, still attend compulsory work active eagerly. Money gives money, strong the occasion that exert oneself is very touching. Always investing 300 much head period in the project, having 10 million yuan is individual contribution.
Consequently, always live in the person of big talk, had not done not have 10 thousand green garden almost. The building of 10 thousand green garden, to improving surroundings of big talk people, improve quality of environment of coconut town organisms' habits, had unapproachable positive effect, it is big talk person's extremely enormous wealth.


1, the agreement that hits inside big talk urban district 10-15 yuan.
2, 17, 31, 32 the Ba Jun in the road arrives, fare 1 - 2 yuan.

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