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Marine village
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Because the earthquake brings about the ancient culture relics of sea of terrestrial defect completion,marine village marvellous spectacle is of Chinese only.

Along east on north of stockaded village harbor, be in complementary before bay coast about 10 meters of when with north 4 kilometers control deep underwater, one cries " benevolence village " ancient village caves in because of the earthquake, form 72 of present " marine village " .
"Marine village " be located in northeast coast of city of hill fining jade east battalion harbor, north achieves harbor, east stockaded village harbor and Wen Chang county complementary before under the great waves of harbor and other places. Annual 5, in June, when seawater is refluent, visit by ship, pass through seawater, in those days " benevolence village " child of building of court, ragged vestigial dimly but differentiate, arrange well of flag bier of basalt, gravestone, stone and pestle rice stone in order. The bay before the shop and north achieve the sea floor between harbor to fall, still can see a carver is careful clearly " duteous memorial archway " stand erect underwater, the piscine shrimp of group moves back and forth beside memorial archway come-and-go, be like myth in " marine Long Gong " .
"Marine village " peculiar underwater landscape, be in domestic and international infrequent.
Shake of earth of city fining jade:
According to history record, ming Dynasty between 10 thousand past years namely the shake of earth of city fining jade of midnight happening produced the Christian era on July 13, 1605, magnitude is 7.5 class, epicentral intensity is 10 degrees. The epicenter is in city of tower of county of hill fining jade and article prosperous county complementary before between. Stricken be hit by a natural adversity the most serious is hill fining jade, settleclear stride, face tall, Wen Changsi county.
The extent that earth shake brings about terrestrial settlement is in commonly 3 reach 4 meters, land defect becomes the lake most control in 10 meters substantially, land heavy area amounts to kilometer of 100 much square. This big earthquake is whole cave in body piece is perpendicular drop, infrequent on domestic and international shake history. Went hundreds of years, the relics after shake becomes peculiar underwater landscape, namely present big talk " marine village " .


From big talk east the station takes a car 2 hours (13 yuan) to the front of the shop, tricycle sits before be being spread (3 yuan) to dock, go without special boat tourist attraction, can the boat of fisherman of v/arc rent land or a house for subletting goes. Returned last bus time is 16: 40.

Adjacent tourist attraction:
Show flower ancient fort east cliff of park of beach of Ou Xixiu of travel of foreign seaside of Guilin of mangrove of stockaded village harbor fining jade " one big " park of people of site big talk
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