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Big bridge of big talk century
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Big bridge of big talk century is located in on extension line of north of direction of north of elder brother of dragon of big talk city. Big bridge always invests 667 million yuan, formal on May 29, 1998 start, built be open to traffic in August 2003. Connected to fine jade north is coastal the central hub that two counties of 3 city form a delegation 7 times, form north fining jade town of shape of 110 fair inner tube group the main component that seaside main force.
Big bridge is full-length 2683 meters, among them advocate the bridge is 636.6 meters long, advocate the bridge is side of double tower double demand 3 cross (340 + of 147 + 147) the girder side concrete of successive prestressing force is inclined play the bridge, advocate the bridge leaves top water level clear height of the 4 be open to navigation or air traffic when rice is 24 meters. Advocate two end set the bridge in all 4 tower, bank of north and south sets square of either end of a bridge.
Bridge floor is 29.8 meters wide, set two-way 6 driveway, design driving speed is 60 kilometers / hour. Two side set footpath.
Advocate the tower shows diamond model, the tower is 106.9 meters tall, advocate tower foundation is round end open caisson, area of able to read aloud fluently 29.8 meters of × 18.6 meters, area leaving an opening 30.4 meters of × 19.2 meters, deep 40.1 meters, inclined draw demand each bosseyed 22, in all 176.
Bridge approach is prestressing force concrete successive box roof beam, the foundation uses concrete of prestressing force high strenth to manage stake. Bridge approach grows 1101.094 meters south, join paragraph 233.867 meters; Boreal bridge approach is 524.45 meters long, north brings 167.595 meters, bridge approach is 24.3 meters wide.


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