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Park of Xi Xiuhai beach
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Beautiful beach is to be apart from big talk to be mixed recently on the west the greatest seawater outdoor bathing place, also be to arrive at Hainan hind ground of scenery of beach of the earliest excursive.

Original name of beautiful beach park is bathhouse of big talk beautiful Ying Haibin on the west, be located in big talk city to celebrate age highway, with east mangrove of stockaded village harbor is congeneric planning area of one place travel, apart of two place tourist attraction is closer.
80 time are judged to be by the citizen " big talk 8 scene " one of. 86 years national Sport Commission is here sail of the throughout the country's only national level caique certainly base of board winter model, fostered Qi Guojian, Li Ke to wait numerous inferior carry champion and winner of world contest medal and Li Lishan of athlete of Hong Kong of champion of Atlanta Olympic Games.
Beach is apart from big talk downtown to make an appointment with 6 kilometers, cover an area of nearly 100 mus, coasting length makes an appointment with 1200 meters, briny water quality reachs the level of national II grade that suits to swim, have 49.5 degrees high grade hot spring. Annual nearly 300 athletes come 4-5 of this winter model month, beach is annual the tourist amounts to 500 thousand person-time.
At present here already built collect international the travel form a complete set such as natatorium of seaside of yacht club of caique board training and match base, international, masses and aquatic sports center serves seaside of the integrated athletics that is an organic whole, motion, recreational, recreation travel resort.


1, sit to holiday beach 28, 29, 40 buses can arrive directly.
2, can sit swim 1, swim 2, fare 2 yuan.
3, " in all fast amount to " air conditioning bus, fare 1 - 3 yuan. Morning shift 6: Cars of 30 hair of road of lake of Cong Qiongshan red city, night shift 20: 30 from intertropical ocean the world sends a car.
4, the urban district takes a taxi about 20 - 25 yuan.

Entrance ticket / open time:
Open type park, do not receive entrance ticket.

Adjacent tourist attraction:
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