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Er of pear hill every surpasses palace to measure the KTV that peddle style
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Area: Big talk city
Type: Casino
Address: The road austral elder brother of dragon of big talk city edifice of 12 Tang Cheng 3 buildings
Phone: 0898-66798118
Contact: Liu Xin
Business area: 1400 square metre
Business hours: Midday 12: 00- before dawn 6: 00
Main distinguishing feature: The quantity peddles type KTV, ou Shi is decorated, luxurious and elegant, top-ranking sound equipment, the trendiest VOD computer orders song system, have 53 various box, balcony cost is unit plan cost with the hour, lowest opens a bell 2 hours, cent is 5 kinds of types: Confuse you model balcony 20 yuan / hour, packet compartment 30 yuan / hour, in balcony 40 yuan / hour, large box 50 yuan / hour, luxurious balcony 150 yuan / hour, any period of time all do not set lowest to consume, not plan number. Supermarket of advantage of have as an attached institution of 3 buildings hall, wine water, fastfood sort is all ready.