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Coffee tea art
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Big talk is a recreational city. Sundry cafe, bar and recreational cafes place are prosperous in recent years rise, it is very small endowment place.
Old tree coffee, go up insular coffee public praise is pretty good. Recreational way station of Tai Longcheng, take shelter from the wind coffee, sky blue coast, the coffee time of emancipatory road, take shelter from the wind cabinet; The ground of recreational food flourishing that time of Hai Xiulu's Hengmeile, coffee is complex formula meal. Tea of company of tea of Chinese tea path, China, green island the good place of the person first selection that art house also is quality of very exquisite life and emotional appeal.
The bar of big talk most amorous feelings, this amorous feelings is semi-tropical amorous feelings, taxi of Gong Saijie bar, snow room public house, Hollywood bar, ox is advanced wait for these small public house, although scale is not large, but amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds. Big talk most distinctive bar is centered in bar of Hai Dian island a street, be located in sea pasture island 3 east road.