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Drink old father tea
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Inn of tea of ” of “ old father just as its name implies, it is old father amahs get together the place that drinks tea. Drinking old father tea is the recreational kind that big talk has native land distinguishing feature most.
Inn of tea of ” of “ old father in alley of small market of constant locate old the city zone. Decorate without what inside inn, face a market a shop front, discharge stool of a few pieces of desks, need not make an appointment beforehand, even if is tea guest orders one bottle the tea of money of a few wool, from early in the morning all the time bubble arrives crepuscular afternoon hind, still be a service considerate.
The tea here is again common end of the green tea that does not pass, black tea, or it is scented tea of self-restrained chrysanthemum, jasmine wait. Here, tea guests often the edge drinks tea, the edge eats fastfood, tea inn is fastfood breed is varied, it is to have fastfood optimal place. Fastfood oar of yam soup, gram, Qing Dynasty fills decoct of fruit of rice of decoct of the tremella of egg of cool, quail that boil, cassava, “ piles blood of ” , pig miscellaneous mix etc, sweet, salty, have everything that one expects to find, each have local color.

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