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Boarding house of gentry blue city
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Boarding house of gentry blue city is located in a sector of an area of CBD of trade of big talk nation, it is apartment of business affairs of type of a condominium. The lifestyle of environmental protection of vogue of apartment praise highly. Old hall layout is contracted and elegant, build a full-bodied Ou Ya with detail intertropical amorous feelings. The whole of guest room designs decorous vogue, business affairs room provides liquid crystal computer, video chats, the surf on the net, everything is follow one's inclinations; Peculiar Venus lady guest room deserves to have sweet fume, the household such as sweet pillow is young adorn article, all show female romance feelings. Apartment sets gust dining-room, Malaysia SPA of decorous hairdressing beautiful body, self-help washs clothes, fashionable eat, the establishment of form a complete set such as health body recreation, take the service kind of self-help, half self-help, provide sufficient and own office and life space for you.

Address: Trade of nation of area of big talk Long Hua road of one horizontal stroke 1
Postcode: 570125
Phone: 0898-66560666

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