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Big talk collects a hotel
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The big talk that big talk collects a hotel to repose at big talk to have contemporary distinguishing feature most " wall street " -- the country of financial commerce developing zone trade highway. The building is 22 tall, it is market guest room, meal, bar, office building, trade, travel, go vacationing the establishment that is an organic whole is complete, the hotel of SamSung class business affairs with all ready function. The seascape with capacious overlook and green grass are like the 10 thousand green garden of mattress, street of office building, bank, cate, bazaar is in nearly very close, come-and-go airport, haven is very convenience. In recent years, collect a hotel to have the honor to win astral class check early or late advanced unit and Hainan omit name of hotel of 10 beautiful business affairs. If you want look for happy feeling is cozy quiet and tastefully laid out outside going, or be about to show itself in changeable trade war, big talk collects a hotel is the ground that the choice that you have a special liking, ideal house stops.


Address: Logic of trade of nation of area of big talk Long Hua 26
Postcode: 570125
Phone: 0898-68531881
Fax: 0898-68556066