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Big talk new Ao Siluo overcomes a hotel
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Big talk new Ao Siluo overcomes a hotel to be located in Hai Xiudong area of core of group of Lu Fanhua trade, with adjacent of photograph of square of trade of city of the 100th goods, DC, jewel. Its individual situation, be in flourishing mart region already, in can be troubled by again, take static.
Big talk new Ao Siluo overcomes a hotel by Hong Kong enlighten limited company of group of official development international invests, hainan beautiful limited company of holiday hotel management is in charge of managing. The hotel has 21, underground is offerred 2 layers jockey. This hotel has of all kinds and luxurious guest room and flatlet, size assembly room and muti_function hall 6, set hall of medium, Western-style food, coffee hall to reach 2000 Oscar recreation of Duopingmi meeting place.


Address: Excellent way of sea of orchid area of big talk beauty 12
Postcode: 570206
Phone: 0898-66530666
Fax: 0898-66530699