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Big talk guesthouse
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Big talk guesthouse is one furniture has know a spent 4 stars class very high to travel (concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals) business affairs hotel, the gold region that reposes in Hainan to visit town of provincial capital big talk -- bank of downtown triangle pool. Here scene charming and gentle, the scenery is elegant, traffic is very convenient. Guesthouse of staying big talk is the your sightseeing travel, good alternative that pursues business affairs.
The hotel has double world of luxurious apartment, standard, odd world various guest room 200, equipment is all ready and comfortable, special offer kinescope of 24 hours of double channel to broadcast a service continuously. "Coconut wind hall " (Hainan food shop) elite of cate of island of extensive collection Hainan, and by hutch of name of Hainan this locality advocate manage. The hotel still sets what each form a complete set sets inflict equipment client to need.


Address: Highway of government office of sea of orchid area of big talk beauty 4
Postcode: 570203
Phone: 0898-65351234
Fax: 0898-65350232