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Big talk peaceful China hotel
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Big talk peaceful China the hotel is hotel of class of a 4 stars, border financial trade division. The hotel always covers an area of a face to accumulate 53 mus, have of all kinds and advanced luxurious guest room, 208 (set) , all repose at the scenery in beautiful garden. Set the hall of medium, Western-style food of all sorts of different styles, banqueting hall, public house, dot of beauty of dish of authentic another name for Guangdong Province, Chinese and Western, name is especially little feed, have everything that one expects to find.
Business affairs center hotel Yu Datang, border downstage, round-the-clock for you provider Wu negotiates, home of computer, fax, secretary, interpreter, international mails, the service such as email. The hotel has of all kinds assembly room, equipment is advanced. Recreational center, be located in on the right side of the hotel.


Address: Tai Hualu of highway of seaside of area of big talk Long Hua 2
Postcode: 570105
Phone: 0898-66772990, 66773962
Fax: 0898-66773966