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Big public house of island of big talk bullion
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Hotel of island of big talk bullion is by appear on the market company " Hainan high speed " a hotel that hotel of island of bullion of investment, Hainan manages company management, situation of hotel of island of big talk bullion is advantageous, communication is easy, square of city of commerce of excellent Le Fu, the 100th goods, DC, bright phearl need to walk only 10 to 20 minutes, go to beauty orchid airport to also need car Cheng 20 minutes only, enter a public house you develop those who witness center of big talk new city.
Hotel of island of big talk bullion is advocated " ego of acclimatization, challenge " , "Practice hard exercise to benefit the internal organs, reveal happiness " , "Learn river snail girl, let a guest experience a surprise " snail culture serves a concept. In partial guest room, introduce intelligence to change service system, multimedia broadband net, configured relevant office facilities. We are the intention the success of activity of your business affairs, strive for valuable time.


Address: Road of blue sky of orchid area of big talk beauty 16
Postcode: 570203
Phone: 0898-66763388
Fax: 0898-66707788