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Old hotel of Hainan China Yun Kailai
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Be located in big talk beauty on the west old hotel of Hua Yunkai Lai borders coastal golf club, beauty inspects golf on the west meeting and holiday beach. The big talk railway station that the distance builds and downtown only Cheng of 10 minutes of cars, arrive the International Airport also needs beauty orchid 40 minutes only car Cheng.
199 guest room never can be the same as restaurant the channel of city fining jade that angle admires quiet expanse, broadband online interface is installed inside the room, corridor of old hall wine and coffee hall can realize wireless broadband to get online, the business affairs intelligence that reflects a restaurant adequately changes characteristic.
Restaurant fitness center offers comprehensive health substance facilities. Outdoors and large swim pool, hot spring, sweet fume hydrotherapy, sauna to massage, bowling house and card pull Ok nightclub to wait to be able to make what every guest is working get systemic heart loosen. The various dining-room of restaurant offers rich meal alternative for the guest.
Restaurant sets the of all kinds assembly room of different dimensions and the most advanced conference establishment and facility of seeing and hearing, can satisfy the requirement of the conference of different type, banquet adequately.


Address: Big talk is beautiful highway of flower area seaside 239
Postcode: 570311
Phone: 0898-31688855
Fax: 0898-31688533