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Hotel of hot spring of seaside of Hainan imperial crown
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Hotel of hot spring of seaside of Hainan imperial crown reposes at coast of Hainan island northeast, it is one obtains Jinisi the China of attestation's biggest public house. The hotel is apart from big talk beauty orchid International Airport only Cheng of 15 minutes of cars, big talk downtown Cheng of 20 minutes of cars.
Hainan island liaison man is convenience, daily all the airliner goes there and back at and other places of Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, have an aerial liner with Macao, Bangkok. House of Chinese meal of king elder brother's wife offers dish of authentic another name for Guangdong Province and Hunan course for you; Lane of A aunt cooked wheaten food chooses cooked wheaten food of gust of world each district for you; Beach barbecue garden offers outdoor barbecue and chaffy dish, you can enjoy the seafood that captures that day and other cate; Natant have a rest go up with serving originally to be displayed for you of all kinds drink.
The coffee office that has garden beautiful scenery luxuriants growth cate of collect the world; Luxurious old hall, the cocktail that a small room of Li Bai wine offers world each district for you; Rustic wine corridor supplies beautiful wine cate not only, still will nonsked hold littoral beach convivial; And the humorous that check put in order is interesting the mirth that brings you as much as one likes, and the cheerful thoroughly delighted that gets together with friend photograph.


Address: Big talk fines jade a mountainous area highway of hill fining jade 1
Postcode: 571100
Phone: 0898-65966888
Fax: 0898-65966808