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The detail in the service is not nodular
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-- the enlightenment that a piece of opinion blocks
One went up the foreign guest of age comes to big to the hotel, visit old hall manager before, tell old hall the director, he lived in this hotel a week, will go back to the motherland from inn today, living during restaurant, no matter where does he walk along, be taken care of by clerk meticulously. Although the equipment of restaurant is general, but the service is very good, serve personnel to wait for a respect to show higher quality in Wu of bearing, courteous kimono, left deep impression to him. Accordingly he finds old hall manager in the specially before leaving store, express pair of restaurant and the appreciate feeling that serve personnel.
At this moment, foreign guest took out a piece of opinion to get stuck, this is guest room inside " guest opinion gets stuck " , foreign guest opens opinion check, old hall director sees above satisfaction drew the guest to tick off on column, write down the praise character to restaurant in blank place. This foreign guest says to old hall director: "Between this one week, I am right expensive hotel each respect is very satisfactory, but will leave in me when and after satisfaction and the feeling that appreciate were expressed on opinion card, it is this piece of opinion card leaves little to regret to me. Hope expensive hotel can be done a bit more finely on management. Hope expensive hotel can be done a bit more finely on management..
Old hall director has received an opinion to get stuck to look from inside foreign guest hand, understood. Inside guest room " guest opinion gets stuck " it is to fold what be put on the desk triangularly, because had not been opened for long, accumulate inside triangular space have a few dirt. After foreign guest opens opinion card to be written, raise a hand to look, these dirt loiter arrived on the hand go up with the dress. It is this dirt, the regret stayed in heart of very high foreign old person is being evaluated to restaurant in this.
Review analyse
There is a bit dirt on opinion card, from apparently looking is not what big question, wipe up is very simple also, but it is this bits of dirt, toward deep li of analysis, this is not bagatelle.
The clerk is in when doing room sanitation, want to brush a desk everyday, but be put in the opinion above the desk to get stuck not to know how to long had not been moved however, ignored this tiny issue, administrator also did not discover this small issue in the examination, accordingly, this is healthful problem not just, rise to the problem on management from the service however.
Through this opinion card gave us a few inspiration:
The first, no matter be,should take detail seriously on management, a restaurant manages and serve horizontal discretion, pass body of a few detail to come out now namely. The service takes detail seriously, guest talent can have the feeling of meticulous, considerate, nice in a subtle way. Management took detail seriously, the standard that just can reflect management, meticulous, rigorous.
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