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Door of guest of hotel of 5 stars class locks up open program
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Antechamber of – of room Wu ministry grooms manual
Front Office Training Manual of – of Rooms Division

Divide a department: Ministry of guest Wu service grooms title: Program of open of guest room door lock
Thematic number: FO -146 grooms class hour: 1 hour
Groom adviser: Guest Wu serves manager page number: 01 - 1

Normally restaurant meets occurrence guest do not take care to lose the key of the room in room occasional elsewhere or the room key malfunction that brings about a guest because of problem of all of restaurant computer science department cannot open a door, guest Wu serves a manager to be door lock of guest open room after confirming guest identity.

1.When the guest fails because of losing room key to enter a room Ying Xiangen is occupied guest open door can is after the computer checks guest status or filling downstage do key of a room to give a visitor.
2.Restaurant door key can do not have report because of batteries of electronic door lock and bring about guest key to cannot open a door sometimes, give guest open the door first after confirming guest identity and inform a project the ministry changes instantly batteries of door lock key, give a guest excuse.
3.Sometimes restaurant brings about guest room key because of problem of all of computer science department to cannot open a door, it is a guest to open a door with MASTER KEY first after checking guest status, after restoring in computer system, fill do send guest room new key and give a guest the apology on behalf of restaurant.
4.When if because be in,the guest is entered,living, the brings about a guest because of the input mistake of time room key when the neglect that goes up because of the job downstage is preparing guest key fails to open a door, give guest open the door first after checking guest status and change quickly to the guest the key, apologize sincerely to the guest.
5.To be being stopped because of a variety of reasons to put the room guest of door key, after patient explanation ends the consideration of the key, fill in the guest guest open gives the door after doing to concern formalities.