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The quality feature that restaurant serves
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1. Serve the fluctuation of quality. Hotel service quality gets factitious factor the impact is bigger, because,this is: One of, the service object of restaurant is a person, they are having different interest, hobby, custom, habit, still have different motive and need at the same time; Secondly, those who provide a service also is a person, the service that hotel clerk provides also can suffer the element effect such as their knowledge, disposition, mood. The instability that serves quality decided to serve quality pilot difficulty.

2. Serve the subjective sex that quality evaluates and uncertainty. The stand or fall that serves product quality is final make an assessment by the guest, different guest has different expectation to the service, also can have different feeling and opinion to same service, although same guest is to same service below different time, circumstance and different mood, also can make different assessment. Because serve this kind of subjective sex that product quality evaluates and uncertainty, requirement hotel clerk must have flexibility, because of the person different wants when providing a service, act according to circumstance, cannot by rule. This also is the difference between skilled hotel clerk and novice. The restaurant staff member that has experience always can be aimed at different guest, different word says in different time, different situation, provide different service; And the novice that lacks experience often copies service rules, standard mechanically, devoid flexibility.

3. The importance of public praise effect. When restaurant of choose of guest person selected serves, the information that general meeting accepts according to oneself makes a decision, these news source include: The introduction of friend of the advertisement conduct propaganda of restaurant, kin. Generally speaking, latter consequence is more than former. This must improve service quality ceaselessly with respect to requirement restaurant, establish good social figure, can attract a visitor for many times not only so presence, the public praise that still can use a guest undertakes be promotinged freely for restaurant, enhance a guest the confidence to restaurant, enhance the competition ability of restaurant thereby.