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Golden light of golden key service is bright
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The most authoritative hotel expert thinks, golden key is the " heart " of fine public house and " soul " , its target is pursuit acme, add a surprise to guest satisfaction. Golden key service already made the world's famous brand, it is the art of the culture of the hotel, service. Golden key represented the top level that the hotel serves, reflected integral direction, can saying is a the most dazzling diamond on service crown. The modern market of restaurant competes, be from initial price contend for on those who grow higher quality contend for, want those who achieve culture finally to contend for. And the culture of restaurant, the confluence of the favor culture of the traditional culture that is Europe, system culture of the United States and Asia, golden key is best combinative means, also be this kind of union reflect best. To show all these, I serve medium case to come to the guest usually with oneself confirm.

A piece of newspaper won length of a year to include a house

A day, some tall young lady that well-known company is stationed in Nanjing agency gives the United States restaurant general manager write will praise a letter ebulliently. The say in the letter: "One of my company main products, milk powder of some brand infant, it is the whole world knows a product, but the closest " 2 evil flower " pollution sweeps across Europe, arrange of sanitation of Hong Kong government issues urgent give public notice, the powdered milk that has numerous brand is banned to sell, american headquarters and fax of hair of Shanghai China headquarters give me, but circumstance not very detailed, to see a detailed information, we bustle everywhere and do not have a result. right now, " of key of gold of expensive inn " considers outstanding gentleman, saw this information from the newspaper of Hong Kong business that day, sent our room paper immediately, listed in detail on newspaper the breed of 35 kinds of milk powder that are banned to sell, norms, include the milk powder brand of the main competitor of my company among them, and my company product is not listed here with outstanding character. Accordingly, it is golden key Mr Gu Jie for me in the moment of truth the company provided the overflow information that estimates hard, make we understood the situation of adversary, adjusted sale strategy. He thinks what we think not only, and think our place did not think, letting us what experience is the service of golden key overflow, the " gold key of the be worthy of the name that makes we had accepted gate of an open market from his hand " .

This issue leaves very deep and unforgettable impression to elder sister of higher primary school. Later although the company of elder sister of higher primary school left a public house because of buying commodity house, but the long contract including a house that she introduced the company of her gentleman to be signed in the hotel one year.

The service outside accidental inn won 253 / a room of the day

The Nanjing May already had the flavor of summer, I conduct official business to the railway station, inside the station bustling, the crowd is never-ending. After I discover the K2 train pull in that reachs peace from Shanghai, 8 railroad car unmanned all the time get off, occupational is sensitive making I realize was to give an issue certainly. My double arrives railroad car mouth, discover stack of railroad car passageway baggage, the Japanese guest inside railroad car is anxious extremely, an in an uproar. Serve a concept with golden key, I what regard Jin Yao as spoon am none hesitant the landlord is moved debus of many 30 baggage the train. Japanese guest anounces enthusiastic applause to this, again and again deep bow thanks. So this is China external the group of honoured guest of a Japan that friendly communication association organizes will could there be. The group accompanies excited ground to say to the guest: "The golden key of Nanjing received us to come. "Say to me: "Your restaurant considers really considerate, served a platform to come. "After he has accepted my calling card, very open-eyed, so this group does not enter restaurant of incredible connecting with the boxing skill, did not think of golden key can help a flock of people outside the inn that have never met before.
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