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Between hotel staff and god how civilization gets along
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Business the daily life of a family hangs this word on mouth edge -- , the client is sacred. At present, fire of Hangzhou no less than is holding world recreational fair like ground of a bitter edible plant, world each district knows enjoyment people to come in succession " terrestrial heaven " , learn recreational life style. Then, the guesthouse of Hangzhou, hotel explodes full. And hotel staff and " sacred " between this how civilization gets along, this is a knowledge really.

A few days ago, be located in Hangzhou east the employee of the Hua Chen big public house of the gate people, make up oneself performed theatrical work of scene of one act act oneself, dramatic image ground elaborates the civilization in the hotel formal.

Accepted theory or formulation of Liu Yu of vise general manager of big public house of China celestial bodies, the passenger lives not to make a racket in the room in any guesthouse, lest affect other visitor. Want treat sb with due respect to the clerk, the service that provides to them thankses. When dine, want to respect the clerk's work, to the clerk Ying Qian is mixed civilized, when the clerk busy when coming nevertheless, answer to await patiently, cannot knock desk bowl or vociferant. Make the error that go up to serving employee, want kindness to put forward, cannot sarcastic comments, try acid. Civilization should be accomplished in hotel, guesthouse civilized, not only the understanding that needs a customer and cooperate, of the staff member attentive mixing also is indispensable patiently, a clever clerk can reduce a lot of needless contradiction. Finally, liu gem accepted theory or formulation, the civilization inside guesthouse, restaurant is formal, the most important is guest and staff member should show sympathy each other, mutual understanding.

The story of melon seeds carapace

The public house is big rest on a piece of sofa of the area, a young man lift up is worn cross-legged or with ankle on knee, read newspaper at the same time, at the same time melon seeds of crack with teeth in mouth. On the floor before him, scatter fell the melon seeds carapace of one ground.

An air hostess, taking a compote to walk over, put gently to the tea table of man at hand, said sentence " gentleman, use compote please " , and the melon seeds carapace that conveniently cleared away the ground to go up.

The man carries soon compote, lose melon seeds case into compote, can be him " accuracy " very bad, many melon seeds carapace dropped dish outside.

This air hostess walked over again, nevertheless this changed an ash-bin on second hand, she puts garbage can on crural edge of the man, and the tea table that gently ground is cleared away clean is melon seeds carapace completely.

The man continues crack with teeth in mouth is worn melon seeds, fruit carapace conveniently is lost in ash-bin. But he is too optional, did not lose accurate, still many melon seeds carapace are dropped was in of ash-bin outside. The area that just is swept clean falls again full melon seeds carapace.
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