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Work of department of Wu of room of 2005 year hotel is summed up
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Accompanying the drawing near of New Year footstep, already delimited one of busy in the past insecurity year on satisfactory period. Below the correct guidance that leads in the edifice, 5 years my branch finished superior smoothly to lead make known to lower levels each are managed, administrative index. Will work this year now summary is as follows:

The business total that 5 years guest room achieves is 13.53 million, the month all is finished 1.23 million, rental rate is guest room 62% , average room price 430.2 yuan, each index relatively rose somewhat 2004. My branch maintains clean personnel high quality the daily Bao Jie that the ground completed whole large building works, undertook to edifice ground nonsked whole maintains, undertake exercise of open up wasteland and daily Bao Jie to scriptorium.

One, the working outstanding achievement in reviewing a year, major event and main job content.

Strengthen the management that room Wu center works. Room Wu center is a hotel external the 2nd window, to strengthen the standardization management of pair of room Wu centers, this year key undertook to the staff member major grooms for many times, include to serve consciousness, guest room introduction and phone to receive listen to each specific work such as skill; Insist to serve quality, efficiency to undertake to floor everyday censorial; Undertake collection arranging to all sorts of forms for reporting statistics, established complete guest room record. Handle bequeath goods strictly by the system, win a guest reputably. [Big secretary net - Http://www.damishu.com]

Reach control cost respect to strengthen management to guest room from hardware environment, software environment. In good environment respect, create a wholesome and easy environment to give a visitor, floor is strict according to hotel sanitation standard, carry out executive edifice guest room to run a system, insist to make guest room by standard program, retreat guest room, undertake cloth grass changes, right cup, toilet disinfection. The maintenance in facilities facilities and maintain respect, undertake comprehensive cleanness to guest room, the carpet of corridor and room is cleaned regularly; In weak environment respect, smile of guest room clerk serves, efficient and enthusiastic, attentive and considerate, build the sweet feeling of guests feel at home for the guest wholeheartedly;

With " commonly used Chang Xin, shine every day beautiful " for the target, strengthen Bao Jie management. The personnel that protect clean 50 people, its post distributings to divide area in the greater part of the edifice, especially public section, healthful stand or fall reflects the environment the most intuitionisticly the integral scene that the edifice regards 4 stars class as the hotel, accordingly, the job that protect clean is room Wu ministry another job key. We basically grab from two respects, on one hand, duty is refined reach groom, refine duty fulfil an individual, all sorts of business operating sequence and standard make employee know sth thoroughly at the heart, press time strictly paragraph, area undertakes discharging a class, raised heart of working enthusiasm, responsibility, the wholesome circumstance of the edifice looks brand-new. On the other hand, strengthen supervisory examination. Checking link is crucial from beginning to end. Arrive from the manager assistant, arrive from the director foreman, layer upon layer examination, do not let off a wholesome blind angle, do not omit area of an edge horn, ensure each wholesome index reachs level of requirement of 5 stars class.
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