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When " mysterious client " come to the hotel...
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Mr Wang calls some hotel to book a room, in the process that chats with hotel staff, he remembers below a few detail quickly: Telephone exchange is received after the bell rings 2 times listen, receive in one acoustical hind downstage listen, regard language level; Do not have when quote allude actively 2 breakfast already included inside house price; After be informed guest surname, did not use surname appellation guest actively...

After 3 days, mr Wang that business affairs guest dresses up comes to this hotel, remove big to enter a public house momently from what step down a taxi, mr Wang below con a few detail: Door is hauled before baggage is born to go up actively, send one's respects to and deliver welcoming speech; The movement that baggage gives birth to door is non-standard; Have inside the railroad car after baggage is born to did not remind a guest to lead article of Qi Sui body and inquiry without other baggage; Door child can be active sliding door, say hello to, but devoid smile and the look is cast all the time to somewhere else...

Be born to the book member of this hotel, baggage and door child, mr Wang is them only in the numerous client that encounters everyday a everyday, and in fact, mr Wang visit is having special job however: He consumes afore-mentioned detail of the experience in the process in the hotel, will go out finally to refer this hotel to manage a layer now " the client experiences a report " in -- , Mr Wang is a hotel an invited mysterious customer, its task is to help a hotel improve service quality, the satisfaction that promotes a client to serve to the hotel ceaselessly thereby is spent.

Law of mysterious client survey (Research) of Mystery   Customer   is the method that a kind of quality government that uses extensively at service industry and customer satisfaction spend investigation. Its practice is by the investigator that to be in by investigation enterprise the industry has deep understanding, with the identity of average customer, close all previous is investigated the service product of the enterprise, each when feel enterprise and client contact with professional perspective in real consumptive environment true real time is engraved, consume its experience, experience, the feedback such as the evaluation gives by investigation enterprise. Mysterious client law serves the play in quality management to stress wanted action in the hotel:

Conduce to administrative layer holding the actual level that serves quality

Serve the examination of quality and evaluation to the hotel, most hotel manager people this kind experiences: Have when administrator is attendant, service personnel often apt is behaved more any better, the quality that the quality that administrator observes and client experience actually is probable it is completely not consistent; Sometimes, because may make a client awkward or uncomfortable, certain service project is no-go the spot that administrator is in a service, produce quality inspection thereby " scotoma " . The advantage just of mysterious client law depends on inquirer is the identity with true client goes kissing all previous to serve, this makes the service that inquirer experiences more overall and more adjacent and actual level.
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