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Go action of function of be soiled stage
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Offer vapour to rinse, heat, embellish wet bilge, to go be soiled provides reaction heat source.
Vacuum is smoked wet, suck what remain on fabric in time to go be soiled agent, water, bilge, reduce besmirch to expand.
Compress air, make fabric is quickened dry.
Water vapour gun: Using water vapour gun to must rinse water vapour gun before to fabric, the method is a gun point to the direction that is far from clothings, actuate gun, make water vapour sweeps any solid in the gun to jam content; When use vapour gun, the space that wants 10 centimeters to let gun and fabric keep least, in case fabric crosses tall and crinkly, attaint because of vapour temperature.
Rinse: Using namely go wetting the place that fabric has besmirch before be soiled aid, be helpful for the decontamination, generation that also can prevent besmirch to encircle; Also use at using a kind to go to before one kind before be soiled aid purify of be soiled aid. Put a towel in go on be soiled stage, put fabric on towel next, a circle is drawn around stain in brain, size is about with stain border beyond the circle of 8cm; Take the gun in birds the place with the tall 25cm of that round periphery that you assume, open vapour gun gentleness next ejective water vapour, in order to draw round kind, lower a gun slowly, point to besmirch center gradually, leave besmirch 1cm high till the gun, can prevent the generation that besmirch encircles so, use on besmirch next go appropriately be soiled aid, undertake rinsing again.
Arrange: It is on fabric besmirch already was rinsed, but before fabric has not worked, use, it can prevent what besmirch encircles form,
(1) the 10cm of that the centre of a circle in holding the gun at you to imagine (10cm of besmirch center upper part) .
(2) open vapour gun, move the gun outwards from place of the centre of a circle with the athletic way of circle, move to raise height at the same time at the same time, till the gun leaves circumferential height 25cm.
(3) in a few centimeters of continue movements outside exceeding circumferential border a little while.
(4) mix with vacuumize compress air to take share of dry tissue water (direction is manage the area to intermediate moisture from the brim) .
(5) if have besmirch,the circle is generated, repeat again please arrange a process.
Towel: Towel is put below fabric, in order to is absorbed remove the besmirch that come down and moisture from fabric.
Rough cotton cloth: Use at going be soiled is adsorptive.
Brush: Prepare two brushes, one is used at drying to go be soiled aid, one is used at ability in swimming to go be soiled aid.
Dab: Handhold gently brush a handle, put index finger in brush a handle above, make brush wool to contact fabric gently repeatedly, do not exert oneself to do sth. too big, can make brush wool to bend in that way, the weight of brush itself is ample already.
Brush: Grabbing brush head, brush carefully from right towards the left on fabric, make brush wool to have a bit with a bit force bend, but not too emphatically around is brushed, can damage in that way fabric.
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