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Do close person of the guest
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Serve in the hotel more and more exquisite " the milk of human kindness " today, we often meet those who hear a few guests to complain: The class of the hotel is higher and higher, and the milk of human kindness is very weak however. What reason is this? We can feel bemused, "The milk of human kindness " , personalized service is the business that we are emphasizing everyday, also be the thing that we are done in effort, why so much guest still blames a hotel so " the milk of human kindness " weak? Is this the problem with one painful build truly?

Remember Beijing a restaurant ever was rolled out " 24 hours of close-fitting attendants " service, this is special to live the service that inn guest provides round-the-clock, full-time, all-round, all difficulty that can resolve him to be encountered in hotel place for the guest and reasonable service demand, be equivalent to a guest actually inside the hotel " chamberlain " . Once this service is rolled out, get instantly of guests of these high-grade business affairs reputably, the guest says: This " chamberlain " between the close the world that is us from now on, "24 hours of close-fitting attendants " the characteristic that served to also become this hotel. Do close person of the guest, this is a good method, the heart of the heart that lets us and guest is stuck together, serve for the guest heart and soul, will move with sincerity and major guest.

But of person of be a guest " close person " , is this a very easy thing? It is not difficult that I think. Above all, your service must be sent from the heart. Regular meeting hears a few employee to complain: Why to want me to serve others? Why the energy of life that I want to get a client? Occasionally, do not keep thinking in " why " on, should be in centrally " how to do " , had met probably so. Cite a case: If a person was bumped into by the car, go caring his the condition of an injury without the person, and not ceaseless ask a question: "Who bumped into him? Why was he bumped into? How so can artful? How doesn't he take care so? " what do these have to help to solving a problem excuse me? Actually, the service does not need so much to complain, with its he is holding so much dissatisfaction and complaint in the arms to do you not willing and the thing of cannot help doing, still be inferior to putting down these complain and resent, go happily serving for the guest, send the sky showing a visitor from the heart to serve namely.

Next, stand in the guest forever at the same time. If you want to do the intimate of a person, with respect to the beyond that must stand in him, support his logical move and point of view. Same, stand in the guest at the same time, go considering a guest from the guest's angle, the understands a guest think of a way that can make us better and behavior, treat the guest as namely your close person, go showing loving care for him attentively, understand him. There often can be an error in hotel service, produce conflict when guest interest and hotel profit namely when, often can pass much consideration cafe increase as service personnel, not hesitate even sacrificial guest interest. Actually, guest interest and hotel profit are consistent, the guest brings profit for the hotel, the hotel also lives because of the guest, maintain guest interest, maintain hotel interest namely. Probably, as a result of objective reason, you cannot resolve the guest's difficulty temporarily, but your sincerity and also can comfort enthusiasticly to the guest, meet a guest keep unforgettable memory even.
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