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The management of high quality service and tall effect
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Manage luxurious model the hotel is different from rocket be raised to the skies like advanced science, I often feel it is a dinkum equation that surpasses guest expectation continuously. So, what is the equation that surpasses guest expectation? Say simply, serving to surpass the guest's demand with quality respect ceaselessly namely.

Above all, the guest is entered luxurious model hotel, its demand is very tall. My basic concept in hotel management field is the demand with the guest is a center. Among them, attitude of attending to guests is very important, we contact the guest's heart with mental attitude. To the guest's requirement, we never say " not " , not impossible. The requirement that even if we are,satisfies them is extinct already and main, we also should offer more alternatives for the guest in order to reach their expectation. The reason is very biting, because serve,be hotel industry is essential. The guest's directest to the hotel experience passes a service namely, provide excellent service, ability body reveals us the value of hotel of 5 stars class.

Next, the employee of employ must have true working attitude. We are ceaseless incentive employee is more hot the job that loves oneself, throw doubly to oneself working station. Groom through all sorts of employee plan, improve the service level of employee and work efficiency, make everybody makes model. Cordial and wisdom, laborious and good faith unites.

The service is a hotel is essential, the guest's most immediate to the hotel sense serves namely, offer high grade service ability to reflect bade to be worth. High quality service, ultimate goal is to should exceed us affirmatory to guest place category. For example, can be remembered well and the full name of appellation guest, the room that remembers they love, taste and individual hobby are waited a moment.

And the effort before surmounting a guest to expect, it is the basic requirement that we must satisfy a guest. Lift 4 respects with guest be closely bound up to be exemple:

The first, register well and truly. Ended the journey of Sunday run, preparation rests the guest of conserce strength and store up energy, it is to not be willing to await that of a series of traditions register, take the key, into the process with lengthy room, do not be willing to waste time to fill in more the registering form of full page. Accordingly, we are about the place of urgent guest is urgent, think the guest's place thinks. Had filled the registration form of every guest ahead of schedule, prepare the room of neat and sweet everything needed is ready ahead of schedule. The guest arrives after inn, all live entering is finished in immediately dichotomy bell program, enter elevator, till complete Nanjing is highest luxurious hotel guest room.

The 2nd, comfortable and melting Morpheus. The room of quiet warmth and warm and comfortable bed, should be how good picture. If guest cannot have good Morpheus, can be in probably after awaking, times feeling be agitated is mixed deeply anxious, bring about possibly from this a series of subsequently and the dissatisfaction that come and complain.
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