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Hainan pink
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The local color that has distinguishing feature most for Hainan is fastfood, the city of the big talk in Hainan island north, hill fining jade, edible in installing prefectural Hecheng to stride small towns dweller of the county surely is more general, and it is the top grade with festival and necessary festival, indicative and lucky long life, it is with big talk pink optimal. Hainan pink cent is meal and fine pink, the burden of meal is simpler, add into the broth of ox of pickled Chinese cabbage that rolls heat in pink only, scatter a few shrimp paste, tender any of several hot spice plants, chopped green onion, explode pignut become namely; Fine pink is more exquisite, should expect with a variety of burden, flavour and bloating to eat after agitate of Gorgon euryale juice, be called “ to bloat powdery ” .