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World second VENU hotel contract settled at the Baku Azerbaijan
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Member of Dubai Holding Group, luxury hotel group Jumeirah (Jumeirah Group) and Azinco its holding company has signed the Baku VENU Bilgah hotel management contracts. This new contemporary style hotel located in the Caspian Sea, is expected to open in 2011. Wavy appearance of the hotel structure reflects the charm of Beach Hotel Di Baizhuo United States and Asia. It is designed by local architect Nazim Valiev, including 176 sea view rooms and suites, all-day service restaurant and bar, two air restaurant and bar, 300m2 with traditional Turkish and Finnish bathing spa area (SPA) centers, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, conference center and a 1500m2. Hotel facilities include 14 villas. Baku Hotel is in the VENU VENU Bilgah brand that will be unveiled during the second hotel. The world's first VENU hotel is located in Shanghai Pudong Hotel Himalayan statue domain (VENU Himalayas). VENU each brand will bring together a contemporary lifestyle of luxury hotels, each of which hotels are committed to practicing the "Local Charm (Local Soul)" the commitment to the guests closely linked with the local culture, while providing the traveling Quest platform to enrich their travel experience. VENU brand service concept design focuses on intuitive and emotional, thus attracted a large number of excellent staff, in turn, reinforced this idea. Baku VENU Bilgah Jumeirah Hotel Group is the first in Azerbaijan to sign a hotel management contract. The signing of the contract, making the Jumeirah Group in the development and operation of hotels worldwide total to 49.