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Hangzhou hotel reservation part of the Mid-Autumn Day case
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Mid-Autumn Festival is not the major hotel booking pressure. October 1 to October 4 in the chain of economy hotel room reservation over full, the rooms has increased the basic price, discounts, low force, high-end hotel during the National Day is also under the age of members. Home Inns & Hotel: 10 rooms after 1 July tight near the West Lake West Lake outlet stores such as full member of the East Point branch there are a few rooms. Pudding Hotel Chain: October 1 there are a few rooms, October 2, 3, the basic full. Super 8 Hotel: October 1 to October 4, leaving only bed room. Hangzhou Elan Hotel Chain: October 1 is only 4, Lung shop more tense, Huanglong, Lake, Zhaohui shop fairly relaxed. Nanyuan e home: there are still a few rooms, the base price has increased, only accept membership discount.