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Qing Gu November hardcover SOHO apartments enjoy the 80,000 opening offer open
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Is expected to open by the end of November, opening a first launch hardcover SOHO apartments, 70-100 square meters apartment in a room the main push to the two rooms, is expected to price in 9000-10000 RMB / square meter, 40-year property. Prepaid 30,000 earnest money at this stage, the opening to enjoy the benefits 80,000 30,000 mortgage. Another noted, the villa of 330 square meters in the sale of Larry, the single set of -1200 million total 9.1 million, and another 450 square meters of single-family villas, detached single set of average 14 million yuan, in October 2010 occupancy. Please contact the sales center. Qing Gu is located in Zone Thirteen Avenue, from the three residential land and a piece of commercial land form, in which 97,000 square meters of residential land, commercial land about 2 million square meters. Covers an area of 112,000 square meters, from the villas, houses, apartments, public buildings and other products form the composition. The total construction area of 140,000 square meters, number of households 1554 planning. Volume rate of 0.43 (villa), 0.98 (house), 1.83 (apartment), green rate: 51.1%, property costs 1.8-2.35 yuan / square meter / month, April 2010 occupancy.