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Qingdao Seaview impression of Golden Sands apartment hotel tour costumes deliver
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October 31, urban estate "Qingdao Impression" series of products of the first real estate - Qingdao Impression Golden Beach (Forum News video) of the high-rise apartment hotel tour costumes delivered. Qingdao Impression Golden Beach project (Forum News) Facing the Gold Coast Golden Beach miles, covering 360 acres, with a total planned construction area of 260,000 square meters, with a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan. Project is a high-rise apartment hotel, multi-storey European-style street, resort condo hotel, low-rise resort building, the Hilton hotel group composed of five to high-end holiday-themed urban complex, the first case in Qingdao. In the high-level group, the four beautiful modern European architecture, exudes a unique landmark in temperament; by the Bell high-forest landscape design to open and close freely, scattered elegant, green tassels, walk them, as if into a modern European town, so that people away. Delivery of live crowds, the atmosphere was very warm, smiling staff property, the service did nuanced; customers face expressed the surprise of the expression, "did not expect so beautiful!" "The house is bought with it!" Some its own customers, standing on the balcony, blue sky and white clouds, green Sands, a beautiful sea view at a glance. Qingdao Golden Beach impression rippling laughter everywhere. Person in charge of urban construction and real estate related, "said Golden Beach of Qingdao impressed by the planning and design are world-class team to complete, the construction process of Urban Real Estate has always been adhering to the fine style, exquisitely crafted, meticulously. In addition to Hilton, the other three groups are also coming to market. In addition, in the northern city of Fushan district after the plate and Lee Chang impression of the other two products of Qingdao is currently in the planning and design, is expected to be launched next year. " In addition, Haier Road, in the mountains east and west sides of the series "Taoyuan mountains" and "Zhu Yun mountains II" is also introduced this year, the boutique real estate urban construction projects, similarly to the classic European architecture and beautiful landscape has been the ultimate praise of the market is currently hot hot.