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In desert 8 stars class " palace type " hotel
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“ life travels like, do not care about destination, those who care is on the way scenery and the state of mind that read a scenery. ” sees that continuous high mountain, the smooth dam of type of a string of beads, deep-felt gorge, the glacier of high height above sea level, each appearance can satisfy the imagination that we live to the journey. Here, life wife and children makes up specially to swim to think up you prepared guideline of life home go on a journey, the edge plays an edge to enjoy expeditionary stimulation, the package since the back goes experiencing the feeling on the road!

Abuzabi is capital of United Arab Emirates, the hotel that introduces today is original to recieve the hotel of king of A couplet chief of a tribe and cacique to sit a meeting, construction is become later so-called the ” of hotel of “ palace type with the costliest whole world of 8 stars class. Enter a capital what Abuzabi differs apparently is afforest, in the country of area of middle east desert, kind the tree is very take time is arduous the thing of costly, however Abuzabi is greenery shady, flowers bright and beautiful forms a cluster, plant to cultivate the upkeep costs that should spend more than 1000 dollars every year here allegedly. The hotel is located in not far from downtown beach, looking far is a giant and clinking classic Arabia type palace building and architectural of Ou Shigu allusion mix style, the feeling is like not tall, it is illusive actually, because jockey 4 the hotel already was at the door old hall!

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The water of fountain of dry land type, compare benzine actually more expensive!

Pass French triumphant arch the hotel entrance guard of type, the security personnel that wears black to subdue the lens that wear black is very serious ground examination orders room sheet, call next affirm ability lets a car enter, the feeling has safe feeling very much. The estimation other driveway has coco of date palm of big green grass of 1 kilometer, middle east, still have fountain of big dry land type, high fresh water is like here is those who take is endless, resourceful, it is actually more expensive than benzine!