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Transform bring opportunity " the village in the city " brandish goes out with g
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Transform brandish of ” of the village in bringing city of good luck “ to go out with great quantity
Recently, sum of Inc. of trade of classics of bridge of iron of Ou Yongfeng street invests Han Yang bridge of 150 million yuan iron of 4 stars class founds a state big public house is formal start working, this is indicating city of first “ of whole town is medium the hotel project that village ” transforms an industry to use the land is started. This hotel covers an area of a face to accumulate 6000 square metre, total floor area 31240 square metre, introduce the whole nation famous Beijing of —— of 500 strong companies head brigade of right-hand seat of brigade group division founds a state management of full-fledged member of hotel management company.

The reporter understands from this area, inc. of trade of iron bridge classics was 2005 when ” of the first batch of villages of Wuhan city in developing “ town is transformed by former village appoint the company that can establish after cancel. A few years short time, iron bridge person is grabbed ceaselessly seize opportunity, make the villager changes truly shareholder, area of village bay decrescent, house property changes asset, made common people sufficient enjoy the fruit that reforms progress.

It is reported, iron bridge founds a state big public house is Inc. of trade of iron bridge classics fundses raised by oneself the hotel of 4 stars class that the market room of build, meal, recreation, conference is an organic whole, predict to built 2010.