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Holiday hotel is obtained 8 years continuously judge optimal and intermediate ho
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Holiday hotel and go vacationing hotel (HolidayInnHotels&Resorts) market hotel brand is carried in been judge 8 years to be whole world first-rate to face continuously, and Asia-Pacific area first-rate is intermediate hotel brand.
The business trip that your person longs for day and night person Asia-Pacific large award (BusinessTravellerAsiaPacific) reflected commerce the viewpoint of constant passenger, these traveler can be participated in annual for a time investigation serves related travel. Findings is studied by global market company Synovate undertakes becoming independent analytic.

Intercontinental hotel (IHG) presiding apparitor PeterGowers represents Asia-Pacific district: “ since since 2001, we by business trip person judge the optimal brand in hotel category is being carried in be, we feel clinking honor. This kind is approbated and commend, the excellent service that showed holiday hotel offers pair of constant passengers continuously to have appeal clearly, intimacy and creation value. Of course, we won't think this kind of lead position is of course. because of such, we started the whole world of unprecedented, dimensions is great holiday hotel brand on hotel industry history to release the action afresh. These reform, the recognition that wins according to the client investigation of IHG undertakes. The dimensions that this the client investigates, in hotel industry also be unprecedented. ”

In October 2007, IHG announces denounce endowment brand of hotel of holiday of heavy model of 1 billion dollar. The change the appearance of this brand, it is to make a kind more contemporary the brand image that change, promotion character, all brand hotel that drives global each district maintains consistency. The service with the thing high grade berth, shower, high-class —— that the brand weighs model key to depend on a client be being paid attention to most in character respect, plus trendier exterior.

Sale of IHG Asia-Pacific division and sale are advanced vice-president GaryRosen accepted reward in Hong Kong, he expresses: “ holiday hotel has been the hotel that the whole world is affirmed rate is top. Came out 1952 when, it started a revolution of travel accommodation course of study, the hotel with the reasonable, comfortable price that offerring their place to need for the client all the time lodges these respects, lead an industry. ”

At present the whole world has public house of many 3200 holiday, 108 when include Asia-Pacific area. Holiday hotel is China's oldest hotel brand. Most hotel of near future holiday is in Asia-Pacific area the most important autograph makes an appointment with a project to include to be in Vietnam, Korea, India and Indonesian agreement.