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Have the honor to win " 10 beautiful theme hotels of Chinese " title
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Peak of leader of Chinese hotel industry is met —20 day was in the 2nd annual meeting on September 18 Guangzhou rings down the curtain. Happy full ground goes vacationing because the beauty with artistic tradition of minority of collect Guilin landscape, Guangxi and culture of joy of happy full ground are an organic whole and the hotel ascends hotel of China of “ of body 2007—2008 year 100 strong ” , receive in glory special honour of 10 ” of beautiful theme hotel.
Be being chosen this is by Chinese restaurant magazine company, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences travels the unit such as club of person of business of restaurant of research center, China is sponsorred, the activity wins the support of the guidance of national tourism bureau and Asia-Pacific travel society. Its award be pass each place guild recommend and autograph of this mobile advisory committee, undertake in website of organizing committee government public network polls choose, evaluate a group to discuss via registering the expert such as national level commissioner finally through generation, its honor has authority of Chinese hotel industry. In choosing an activity this, return selectedly Macao Venetian goes vacationing city of dam of hotel of hotel, intercontinental of city of Shenzhen overseas Chinese, A many famous Gao Xing such as hotel of holiday of imperial crown of Venice of big public house of heaven of 9 stockaded village, Shenzhen class hotel. Happy full ground goes vacationing the hotel can show itself in numerous hotel, the thematic characteristic that proves its having a unique style obtains authority to approbate reach a tourist reputably.