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Give the 3 proposals of the person that duty field has unrecognized talent
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This is in before socially, “ has the poor ” of talent to be able to be found everywhere: The undergraduates that reach for what is beyond his grasp to just graduated, do not become high low not to apply for a job person, literary youth, do theory to consider to ability is held to be proud in group, unit the intellectual of content, still those had had pursuit for ideal, had paid hardships to work and star-crossed failed people ……

The poor ” that “ has talent is too much and too much, let us stress a few typical cases that have delegate and revelatory sense.

" the letter that sends Garcia " in the foreword that the problem is “ is the poor ” that has talent everywhere on the world points out:

We often see “ , a lot of youths are what one is particularly good at with finding new job often, in order to be good at opportunistic for honor. Boss one face about comes down with respect to laches, did not supervise did not work. Do one's job perfunctorily of the shuffle when the job, delimitingly is self-given; Do not think of self-communion, come with a variety of excuse however him cloak lacks responsibility heart. Slack, inactive, suspicion, in complaining a variety of …… occupational disease are in enterprise, government organization, school euqally as plague, spread, no matter give how old effort cannot comb-out. Have talent only, without responsibility heart, lack respects industry drive, whether are we true can successful before row? In real world, what see everywhere is the poor that has talent. ”

“ applies ability to be obtained somewhat somewhat. If decide to continue to work, should give a company the employer heartily in order to sympathize with He Zhongcheng, take great pride. If you cannot the not calumniatory, boss that blame and despises you and company, abandon this profession, examine oneself heart from the angle of spectator. Want the one part that you still are some orgnaization only, not calumniatory it, the orgnaization that does not harm its —— to despise him place to assume office is equal to despise yourself. ”

This foreword generalizes the poor ” that gave two kinds of “ to have talent actually:

The first kind: Without responsibility heart, lack respects industry drive, it is what one is particularly good at with finding new job often, in order to be good at opportunistic the person that is honor. A noun in apply mechanically plutonomy will explain: They fail to had handled the ” of “ relations of production that they are faced with, they make any pair of creation to any labour, lack a kind of indispensable spirit that respect property.

The 2nd kind: Cannot the not calumniatory, person that blame and despises boss and company.

The poor ” that two kinds of afore-mentioned “ have talent basically is to show correct processing is good the “ poor ” that concerns external.
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