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Bay of Hainan stone plum exceeds Ai Mei hotel of 5 stars hotel first times to tr
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Amorous feelings of stone plum bay (data picture)

Amorous feelings of stone plum bay (data picture)

Amorous feelings of bay of · stone plum, life bay / group plan

On September 28, travel of bay of Hainan stone plum goes vacationing area head home presses the Ai Mei that exceeds construction of level of 5 stars grade to go vacationing the hotel tries formally external do business. The tourism of investment stone plum bay for 800 million yuan goes vacationing area 2 period integral construction already also was finished as scheduled.

Ai Mei hotel begins construction in December 2006, always invest 1 billion yuan of RMBs, guest room counts 275, the costly seaside that for Hainan province head home exceeds low density, Gao Lu to change rate, large area to open a space goes vacationing hotel, can sufficient contented high end goes vacationing guest pursuit illicit is close go vacationing halcyonly demand. The hotel carries program by firm of world-renowned design of Australian DCM building notional design, the high end below division of group of hotel of international of You Xida house goes vacationing management of ” of brand “ Ai Mei.

As stone plum bay Ai Mei goes vacationing the practice of the hotel, by bay area advocate develop development of bay of plum of Shang Huarun stone 2 period fundamental construction is finished as scheduled and investment is used. 2 period RMB of fundamental construction investment is rectified 800 million yuan, include compose of network of bay district road to build division of project, bay bay of plum of project of municipal form a complete set, stone goes vacationing the project such as division sewage treatment plant, abide by world-class strictly costly travel goes vacationing area standard is made.

According to bay of plum of stone of Hainan China embellish travel develops introduction of limited company controller, stone plum bay will be started the 3rd period development plan, comprehensive apace perfects establishment of form a complete set of bay area base, advance preserve one's health of be good at check to go vacationing at the same time hotel, go vacationing villatic, go vacationing apartment, golf, houseboat shopping centers of brand of village of meeting, culture, international goes vacationing individually the construction of the project, make construction of stone plum bay at an early date internationally travel of zoology intertropical seaside goes vacationing area.