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The interview success wise move that interview official approves
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Be in whole in applying for a process, interview is the one link that has conclusive sense most undoubtedly, the issue involves success or failure. In the meantime, interview also is to apply for a job person the best opportune moment that shows oneself quality, ability, character in the round, interview play is outstanding, can make up for previous written examination or be a few inadequacy that other condition is like record of formal schooling, major to go up. In a few link that apply for, interview also is difficulty is the greatest, especially to those this year's graduateses that duty field enters first, because lack experience, interview often becomes a sad bank, a lot of graduate passed resume smoothly to close, written examination closes, it is however finally in interview Sha feather and return. For the help broad graduate can answer interview better, we covered the interview officer of a few enterprises, ask them to talk about a this year's graduates how to should plan interview from the angle of unit of choose and employ persons, hope to be able to be helped somewhat to everybody.
- the bosom friend tells the other - notice appearance

Do not prepare not interview

Almost all interview officials emphasize, to apply for a job person interview must well-prepared, beijing foreign enterprise serves the Li Yi of branch of resource of group labor power to say solely: “ must remember, do not prepare not interview. The preparation before ” interview includes the following fields:

1, sufficient understanding applies for unit and be recruited position.

Hu Bin of manager of department of resource of labor power of company of golden hill software says, what does this unit major servicing that must know you go applying for before interview do, who is main rival, the working content of the position of your place be recruited, in the meantime, you still should understand yourself, be clear that you are in what respect fits this position. The assistant director of senior manpower resource of IBM pays Chengdu to say: When “ interview, how much does the person that we can ask to apply for a job understand to our company, if he can be very detailed,ground answer gives the history of our company, current situation, main product, we will be glad, can think he values our company very much, to us the company also has hope. ”

2, move outfit. The appearance demeanor when interview is very serious, the Yilizadi of manager of invite applications for a job that auspicious all believes says, interview official is right to apply for a job person impression often advanced 30 seconds had been formed, the person that so interview officials emphasize to apply for a job must notice his outfit and mental scene. The Fu Rong of IBM says, everybody thinks that he must be worn when interview previously installing, for instance the boy wants business suit change to walk on, the girl must a suit professional clothing, wear actually install the color that basically sees a company and position characteristic, like Yahoo, Sohu these network companies are worn outfit is more optional. Yilizadi thinks, to the this year's graduates, move outfit do not emphasize business suit change walking on, but must shipshape.
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